Aviation & Airports

Our team specializes in providing comprehensive legal assistance to various players in the aviation industry such as airlines, airports, aviation service providers and maintenance organizations. Our services cover a broad range of areas including transactional, corporate advisory, financing, regulatory, and litigation matters associated with aviation operations. We have extensive experience in assisting clients with all aspects of aviation business, including aircraft acquisition, financing documentation, leasing of aircraft and airport spaces, acquisition of landing rights/slots, securing permissions and approvals from Civil Aviation authorities, finalizing contracts with aviation turbine fuel suppliers, employee arrangements, and restructuring of airline companies.

Our team also advises on dealing with regulatory agencies and obtaining necessary approvals from government agencies regarding training and security requirements.

Our reputation for expertise in advising airports (both domestic and international) is well- established. We also have a proven track record of successfully representing clients in aviation-related litigation and arbitration proceedings, including international arbitration.